STATISTICS with system:

First Event: 30/03/2013

Previous Events: 316

Next Events: 25

(Endurance Real Time) is an equestrian endurance software, Fabio Zuccolo's idea and property.

ERTZ software can manage endurance rides, all data are digital in real time for start, arrivals and vetgate, and can be expanded to any place of the venue. .

Real Time digital information is compulsory to manage timing and vetcards and give to Officials and Organizators a tool to have full control of the event.

also uses RFID system. With transponder, horses are identified automatically at timing places. Errors or delayed info are definitely canceled!

RFID Transponder are very small and mounted on horses' bridles. The horse must have the bridle from start to the end over the own bridle, so as not to annoy the horse.

Heart Rate is the real time system that shows and storage all horses' heart rate of vet inspections.
The system has been approved by FEI (International Equestrian Federation) and can be used in all International and National events.!

Vetcards are digital and managed through tablets in the vetgate. All data are ready in real time for Veterinarian, Riders and everyone!


For any question concerning system: email