IT System

(Endurance Real Time Zuccolo) is an equestrian endurance IT system (information technology system), Fabio Zuccolo's idea and property, who is also the informatics developer.

All data are digital in real time for start, arrivals and vetgate and can be expanded to any place of the venue.

Real Time digital information is required in endurance events, to manage timing and vetcards and to give to the Ground Jury and Organizers a tool to have full control of the event.

Timing System

uses an Active Transponder system to automatically identify the competitors at timing lines. Errors or delayed timing info are finally canceled!

Active Transponder are very small and mounted on horses' bridles, with no kind of problems for the horse.
The horse must have the bridle from start to the end, placed over his own bridle.

Timing antennas and activators are very simple to place, in order to simplify as possible and to have the best system as possible.

Digital Vetcards

digital Vetcards are the core of the vetgate.

The vetgate management is so important that vetcards must be digital and stored on the system through tablets. It is important to have a paper backup system that is on the other side of the tablet's cover.

After the inspection, the Time Card is automatically printed for the Competitor, where he can see all timing and veterinarian data of the phase.

On the Time Card, he can see also the departure time and the gap to the first in rank, the previous and the following on rank.

Heart Rate System

Heart Rate is the real time system that shows horses' heart rate during the vet inspection.
The system has been approved by FEI (International Equestrian Federation) and can be used in all International and National events.!

The system has the Device, the Sensor and the device's bag.

The Device is used to enter the BIB number of the competitor by the keyboard in order to assign pulses to the him, then to show and see the timer and the pulse.

The Sensor goes on the horse and take the pulse to send to the device. Only the electrodes meet the horse on his chest and the disturb to the horse is really minimum.

The Monitor shows the pulses of the horse in real time during the assessment. In big events, a big LED Wall can be used to make more attactive the event.

After the use, the Veterinarian can place the device on the bag.

Vet Lines Assignment

Vet Lines Assignment is a RANDOM system to manage the lines assignment inside the Vetgate.

With this system, the horse will be inspected by different Veterinarians, making the competition as fair as possible.

The system will check horses previous inspection and will redirect the horse in different lines automatically.

The public monitor will show the assigned line and the waiting list, important to know the first horse to go when a line will be free.

GPS System

For the GPS System, found in SPORTTRAXX, the italian company leader in tracking for rallies and desert races, the perfect partner for endurance.

The trackers are the most professional on the market and SPORTTRAXX company grant all features about security control, race control, devices control.

On LIVE results is it possible to see the competitors and to know in REAL TIME the average speed of competitors, the km done and the expected arrival time, information very important to people involved and to have the fairest and great event as possible.


Accreditation System is the service to create the Badge, to identify people and allow them to access to the Event and in the different areas of the place.

The system can create any kind of badge and can be changed on site, as for Organising Committee requests.

All data are stored in the system and the O. C. can check all the released badges.


can interact with broadcasting system.

All data are in real time for broadcasting that can show TV graphics with names, nations, pictures.

Live TV requires this important service to complete images and commentator's job.


has two different FEI Certifications


List of FEI Championships with ERTZ system

FEI Endurance European Championship
07/09/2023, Ermelo (Netherlands)


FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Horses
13/08/2023, Padise (Estonia)


FEI Endurance World Championship
25/02/2023, Butheeb (United Arab Emirates)


FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Horses
02/10/2022, Vic (Spain)


FEI Endurance European Championship for Young Riders and Juniors
30/09/2022, Vic (Spain)


FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Horses
18/09/2021, Arborea (Italy)


Longines FEI World Endurance Championship
22/05/2021, Pisa (Italy)


FEI Meydan European Endurance Championship YJ
26/07/2018, Pisa (Italy)


World Endurance Championships for Juniors and Young Riders
23/10/2015, Santo Domingo (Chile)


FEI World Endurance Championship for Young Horses
26/09/2015, Valeggio sul Mincio (Italy)


Toscana Endurance Lifestyle 2017
15-16/07/2017, Pisa (Italy)

Total Competitors:


Toscana Endurance Lifestyle 2018
27/07/2018, Pisa (Italy)

Competitors Single Day:


Toscana Endurance Lifestyle 2019
19/09/2019, Pisa (Italy)

Competitors Single Category:








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